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Exhibition Voice Pumps & Valves Asia

TOZEN's products are in the stainless-steel expansion and flexible joint range. We offer a wide range of products to meet a variety of requirements and needs. Pumps & Valves Asia 2020 is the largest and specialist event that fit with our product's profile. We continue to exhibit this event in order to offer our high quality to the target audience. So far the feedback from the show has been exceeded our expectations. With the current economic and situation, visitors may be worried and will not come to the show but visitors that visit the show are those with the intention of buying and have requested us a lot of information about our products.

"MIURA INDUSTRIES (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was established as a group company of Japanese leading manufacturers of once-through boilers. We sold high quality boilers and water treatment equipment on the Miura brand with excellent maintenance and customer service. Our products are highly energy efficiency and environment friendly.

Boilex Asia 2020 has proven to attract key target customers. For the past years,the show has helped to provide business connection, and also established partnership with companies in the related industry. The highlight products this year include smart boiler that comes with online maintenance system with saving energy that help to maintains high efficiency of the boiler. Visitors can inspect our technologies in boilers and full range of services."

The company is a distributor of many of the world's leading boiler companies i.e.Cleaver Brooks, Kawasaki, Fulton, A.O.Smith, Honeywell, Tandex and more! The company has been in the business since 1958. We are in Heat-Storage Electronic Boilers, Oil/Gas/Coal Boilers, Various Waste-Heat Boilers, Steam Boiler, Oil & Gas Fired Burners, Heat-Exchanging Vessels, Separation Vessels, Storage Vessels, Various New Heat Exchangers, Automatic Control, Economizer, Heat Exchanger and more!

With full confidence that this show will bring us special business opportunities. It will provide us the platform to showcase our equipment and first-class services to potential customers and exiting customers.

   “Pumps and Valves Asia provides us with an excellent opportunity to display our latest pump and valve technology as well as our innovative products and services in the area of digitalization or mechanical seals. The exhibition also provides an attractive platform for KSB to meet existing and of course new potential clients.”
   “The 2019 show is a very impressive exhibition. I have personally brought something for my business and further business discussions will continue after the show.”
 “We come here because this is the only specialized Boiler Show in Thailand and being present is a must. We will present our new boiler system and the most innovative smart boiler control system which will help Thailand achieve its 4.0 targets that many visitors have already expressed interest in and are looking for further information.”

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